FAQ macbubl

Where can I find macbubl?

You can pick up a macbubl (or two) at participating Whole Foods nationwide. Usually you can find our signature clear canister (with the white and brown bubble design!) filled with individually-wrapped macbubl tastiness right at the register! If you can’t seem to find it, ask your Whole Foods’ specialty team leader, and be sure to let them know that nothing will get in the way of you and your macbubl! Or maybe just ask them to point you in the right direction.

Where is macbubl made?

Our macbubl is handmade fresh daily at our Confectionary Studio in the heart of New Orleans. Our team of Tastemakers whip delicious ingredients into the delicious flavor frenzy that is macbubl. Intense Venezuelan dark chocolate, creamy swiss milk chocolate, local Louisiana cane sugar, Oh my! 

Why can't I order macbubl on your website?

 Our macbubl was originally created and concocted for Whole Foods, and we’re proud to be supplying stores nationwide with our velvety and decadent treat. If your neighborhood Whole Foods isn’t currently meeting all of your macbubl needs, let us know! at info@macbubl.com.

Is macbubl Gluten Free? Nut Free? Soy Free? Help!

Our macbubl is gluten free, hooray! But macbubl is made in a facility that also processes nuts and contains soy. 

I’m a wholesaler interested in carrying macbubl. How do I do it?

We’re so happy to hear it! Our scrumptious treat has a shelf life of one year, and don’t worry, we only use all-natural ingredients to keep macbubl fresh (none of those wacky preservatives). Shoot us an email at info@macbubl.com to learn more!