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Careful to promote only the most inspiring tastes and ingredients, Whole Foods prides themselves on purveying and supporting the highest quality local products in every community they serve. Always searching for the most innovative and scrumptious products, it was only natural for Whole Foods to partner with us here at Sucré, New Orleans’ premiere confectionary and experiential dessert studio.

We share the same passion for excellence, and a never-ending desire to deliver the most mouthwateringly delectable customer experience possible. Cue our newest product, macbubl. We’ve taken everything you’d expect from a French macaron and turned it inside out, to give you the freshest take on the macaron craze. So go ahead and sink your teeth into macbubl’s decadent dark chocolate shell. Get lost in its velvety ganache. And then find yourself in its delicate macaron cookie. Look for our lovely brown bubble wrapper at your neighborhood Whole Foods’ checkout, and be sure to toss it in your bag. Because of course you deserve it!